Bring your love for fishing home with this museum-grade fine art print of “River Stalker”, an original painting by Jo Starling.

River Stalker is a vibrant image about a fly-fishers connection with the water, the land it flows through and the stunning fish it plays home to.

Inspired by the rich, beauty of New Zealand’s Ruakaturi River, Jo Starling has collected imagery from her hikes and treks and combined them to create this emotive story of an encounter with a 5lb-plus brown she caught on a dry fly.

Recently, Steve and I went to NZ with a couple of mates to explore the Ruakaturi River. It was a solid fly fishing adventure, with miles and miles of fishable river, as long as we were prepared to scale enormous boulders, scurry, clamber or swim. We had a BALL! There was a heat wave, so the fishing wasn’t as good as we expected, but I attained a milestone. This beautiful buck resulted from the first time I’d fly-fished literally on my own, without a spotter or someone instructing or making suggestions. I spotted, stalked, cast to, pinned, fought and landed the stunning beast all alone. It was AMAZING! A real “coming of age”. So, the painting is about that moment, when I got to hold the fish up for Steve’s camera. The foliage is imagery collected from our various hikes. I hope that the trout skin hair and fly-reel breast tell the story of how connected I feel to the sport and the beautiful fish I encounter. This fella was released successfully, too… which is always an emotional moment.”

             ~ Jo Starling, 2015.

Although an expression of a personal moment, these prints capture the reverence in that moment of success when anyone lands their fish. Jo’s painting celebrates the unity between angler and nature, and the profound connection that’s formed through the careful watching, stalking and eventual capture of a wild trout in a uniquely contemporary style that will bring joy and light into any fishing home.

This fine art print is reproduced in pigment inks on your choice of stretchable canvas or museum grade cotton rag (cotton rag paper has an archival life of 100 years +). The print will post unframed.

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