You’re only as strong as the weakest link in your tackle.

Lefty’s Loop

Lefty’s Loop is a strong, open-looped knot that is extremely strong. It’s perfect for leader greater than 20Lb breaking strain. This version follows an under/over pattern, giving it added strength as the leader never doubles back on itself to create a weak spot.

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Step One

Start with a simple granny knot about the size of a 5¢ piece, leaving a workable tag end of around 10cm. Slip your lure onto the tag.

Step Two

Following the under/over pattern, bring the tag back through the centre of the granny knot on the opposite side to where it came out (that is, if your tag end exits the granny knot above or in front of it, as in this illustration, you would re-enter from below or behind it).

Now is the best time to form the loop size you want. While pinching the granny knot in your non-dominant hand, pull the tag end up until the loop is at the desired size, then pinch the whole granny knot section to maintain that loop size for the rest of the tie.

Step Three

Twist around the main line at least twice (three times for line weight less than 30lb) before returning through the granny knot once more, remembering to follow that under/over flow at every step.

Step Four

Thread the tag end through the centre of the granny knot again, being careful to go between all the entwined lines (that is, your line should come between the lines that form your loop. If it comes through between those and the line forming the granny knot, your Lefty’s Loop will fail). Once again, follow the under/over pattern. If you are coming from over the leader line, enter the granny knot from below and vice versa.

Step Five

Lubricate the knot with saliva and tighten by pulling tag against leader. Trim your tag to around 3mm. Your knot will hold in an open loop, allowing your lure to swim freely.