A Beer With Starlo  is a series of in-depth interviews between Starlo and his mates, as they chew the fat about all things fishing. Each guest brings their own expertise in a specific area… their insights will blow your mind. Made exclusively for Starlo’s Inner Circle, this stuff is for your eyes and ears only. Yep, you can choose to watch the video or just listen as a podcast, so why not grab yourself a coldie and enjoy A Beer With Starlo ?

(New episodes are uploaded once the beer is polished off. You’ll read about them in your issue of Fishotopian, or discover them in the “New Additions” section at the bottom of each page.)

Listen to the podcast…

A Beer With Starlo Podcast: Join Starlo and Romen Dicovski for a fascinating chat covering Romen’s amazing discoveries while unlocking the secrets of Googong Dam and a bunch of other inland impoundments, as well as some priceless insights into his innovative use of electronics in freshwater fishing…

A Beer With Starlo Podcast: Join Starlo & Glen “Stewie” Stewart for ANOTHER brew as they discuss lessons learned since they recorded the first ever episode in this series.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast: Australian fishing all-rounder, Vicki Lear talks about discovering fishing in an era when girls “didn’t fish”.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast: Luderick Legend, Royce Shanks shares secrets gleaned from a lifetime of fishing for the humble, yet challenging blackfish.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast: Pete Dugan talks about his mid-life career change to become a fishing guide on the far south coast of NSW.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast : Glen Booth reminisces about the glory days of Bermagui and the evolution of gamefishing on the east coast.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast : Greg “Doc Lures” Vinall shares how his life-long passion for fishing and hand-made lures shaped his future and lead to the popular Australian Lure Fishing Podcast.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast : Paul Kneller gives us insights into what it takes to be successful as a lure maker.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast : Glenn “Watty” Watt shares insights into how to get the most from your Top End fishing trips.

A Beer With Starlo Podcast : Mal Gilham shares long-guarded secrets into successfully trolling