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Easy Eyes for Shrimp Flies

I notice that I have become very particular over the years about my fly gear and flies.

My pickiness can be about the smallest details. With this in mind I invested a fun couple of hours recently making eyes for the shrimp patterns I tie, so I thought I’d share the idea with you.

I make them using a fluorocarbon stem, 2mm glass beads (mostly fluorescent colours) and a good UV epoxy. With these eyes, I am getting close to the look I want my shrimp flies to have. And, as these are neutral buoyancy flies for the European bass season (I’m in the Netherlands), the slightly heavier (than plastic) eyes balance out the cone shape of the fly, to give it a more horizontal ride.

I know fisherman who believe I’m an idiot who overthinks his fishing, but my mates and I have found that the devil (and the good catches) are in the details.

~ Jeroen Schoondergang
(extracted and reposted with Jeroen’s permission)

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