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Fishotopia’s State Of Fishing Origin promises to be a ripper of a weekend


9-11 October at Lake Windamere


Home of the Golden Football!










—    THE RULES    —

Fishotopia’s “State of Fishing Origin” (SoFO) is a unique catch-and-release tournament allowing Inner Circle members to represent the state or territory where they first wet a line. (Members whose earliest fishing experiences were in another country can choose to represent the first part of Australia where they fished.) Please read the following 10 rules/conditions carefully:

  1. THIS EVENT is run on a catch-and-release basis and is open to fly and lure fishing only in the backed up waters of Lake Windamere.
  2. COMPETITORS may fish from the bank or any vessel by casting-and-retrieving, jigging or trolling lures of all legal types. Fly fishers may only cast-and-retrieve (using the weight of the fly line to deliver the fly), and should not use the movement of a boat or other vessel to impart motion to their flies.
  3. ALL ELIGIBLE SPECIES (apart from Murray cod) must be photographed on a measuring mat (brag mat) that has been checked and approved by the organisers prior to the start of fishing. In addition, a DESIGNATED OBJECT will need to be included in each photo (this object will be announced at the briefing).
  4. THE ORGANISERS reserve the right to cap the field size at their discretion, and to reject entries received after the cap has been reached.
  5. A BRIEFING will be presented at the welcome dinner (7.30PM) on Friday night, 9 October at Cudgegong Waters Park. ALL competitors are required to attend this briefing unless prior alternative arrangements have been made with the organisers.
  6. FISHING HOURS are as follows:

Saturday: Lines in at 6AM, lines out at 7PM.

Sunday: Lines in at 6AM, lines out at 11AM. All catch cards and photos MUST be in the hands of the organisers by 12 noon.

Presentation: Will commence at approximately 1.30 to 2PM on Sunday.

  1. SoFO SCORING is as follows:

A TRY (4 points) is awarded for each legal golden perch (over 30cm in length) correctly recorded and photographed on an approved measuring mat before being released.

A PENALTY GOAL (2 points) is awarded for each Murray cod (regardless of size) brought to the boat or shore and photographed (ideally in the water) before being released.*

A FIELD GOAL (1 point) is awarded for every legal silver perch (over 25cm) or eel-tailed catfish (over 30cm) correctly recorded and photographed on an approved measuring mat before being released.

NOTE: Fish that die or are kept by an angler do not score any points.

  1. WINNING STATE OR TERRITORY will be decided by combining the total scores of ALL the competitors playing for that state (including any zero scores), then dividing that total by the state’s number of players. In the event of a tie, the state or territory recording the LARGEST golden perch overall will win the perpetual virtual trophy. In the unlikely event that the score is still tied at that point, the state/territory catching that largest golden perch FIRST in the event will win.

9. OTHER PRIZES will be awarded at the discretion of the organisers but will likely include the following categories:

Longest golden perch overall.
Highest individual point scorer.
Highest individual point scoring junior.
Longest golden perch on fly.

10. ALL COMPETITORS must be financial members of Fishotopia’s Inner Circle at the time of the event. Competitors must also hold a current NSW Fishing Licence (unless exempt) and abide by all Fisheries and Waterways rules and regulations throughout the event. The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any competitor and/or any catch at their discretion.



Please note that it’s CLOSED SEASON for Murray cod at the time of the event. We DON’T want these fish targeted or measured. Ideally, if you happen to hook one, don’t remove it from the water. Simply snap a photo of the fish in the water and unhook it as quickly as possible. (To be eligible for a 2 point penalty goal, the in-water photo must either include the “designated object” or the catch will need to be witnessed by another competitor.)

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