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Uni Knot

This is by far the best loop knot option in lines or leaders under 5 or 6kg breaking strain. 

Simple and quick to tie, the Uni Knot may be either slid all the way down to the eyelet and snugged up tightly against it for bait hooks, or used to form a small loop, as shown here, when rigging a lure or fly. 

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Step One
Give yourself plenty of line or leader to work with, then pass the tag through the hook eye or lure eyelet and begin to form a reasonably large backhand loop, as shown below.

how to tie uni knot step 1

Step Two

Pinch the backhand loop against the main line or leader, above the eyelet. Wrap the tag end of the line or leader around both main strands and through the loop (as shown below) four to eight times. Use less turns or wraps in heavy line and more in light line, and always make at least seven or eight turns if tying this knot in braided or fused gel-spun polyethylene (GSP or PE) line.

how to tie uni knot step 1

Step Three

Pull the tag away from the hook, fly or lure, while holding it still in the other hand. As the knot begins to close and tighten on itself, lubricate the wraps generously with saliva or water, then continue pulling it tight. 

how to tie uni knot step 1

Step Four

If using the Uni Knot to attach a lure, jig head or fly, pinch above the eyelet (with your thumb nail at the point that marks the size of loop that you’d like) and lock the knot in place, as shown below. This will greatly enhance the action of the lure. The knot may snug down tight against the eyelet when a fish is hooked, but this should not cause any friction problems, as the knot will be underwater and well lubricated at the time.

how to tie uni knot step 1