The wonders of fishing… it’s what keep us coming back, year after year, cast after cast, even after a full lifetime of doing it. It never lets you down, even when you’re not catching. Here’s an example… 


  1. chrizza111

    I’ve heard of mulloway doing this too

  2. jamesvercillo13

    That’s very strange Starlo. Would be interesting to see what a marine expert says. Could they be drawing energy/warmth from the sun or maybe what you suggested, in that they are possible looking downwards…..

    • james.wahry

      That was cool!

  3. cjsdemo

    Awesome video Steve,
    My theory is to help the other tailor find the bait fish,
    As you mentioned they started doing this once your squidgy was no longer there,
    As this action will reflect light up to the lighter side of the bait fish making them visible from all directions
    With a couple of tailor still in the right position ready to pounce.
    Only a Theory ?

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