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By the time Doc finished high school he was a serious custom lure-making addict. So strong was his motivation to avoid a “real job” that he took to university, where he studied the only fishing-related course available — Aquatic Science. Fishing before and after, and even between classes, he started to build his new scientific knowledge into highly effective handcrafted custom lures. Decades on, Doc’s obsession with the science of fishing and the art of innovative lure making is stronger than ever. Each year he lures thousands of unsuspecting fishermen from around the world into custom lure making, knowing that many will never leave. He continues to masquerade as a Poindexter scientist, distilling the hard work of other scientists into a bunch of powerful fishing tips. With a mantra of “Grow old, but don’t grow up” Doc’s unique knowledge and quirky delivery puts him in demand as an author, speaker and presenter in the recreational fishing space. [click the image above to go to Doc’s website]

Why Fish Don’t See Your Lures

Did you know that some fish species can see different colours than other species… and some fish can even see colours that humans can’t?

Did you know that that the colours fish can see changes depending on how deep they dive?

Have you ever wondered why fish sometimes charge at your lure, then turn away at the last second without striking?

For the majority of lure fishing enthusiasts, choosing which coloured lure to tie on is nothing more than a game of chance — but it doesn’t have to be. Knowing how to pick the right coloured lure requires an understanding of how fish see objects and how light and colour behave in the fish’s world.

If you’d like the confidence to choose the best lure colours for any fishing scenario, this course is for YOU!

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